Planning a Unique Wedding: Our Story

Your wedding should reflect who you are: your love, your dreams, and your personalities. No one understands that better than we do. After all, the owners of Little River Venue were married right here in DeKalb County in a unique ceremony that celebrated love, family, land, and new beginnings. Here is our story.

In Love, Out of State

Howard grew up here in DeKalb County, and in 1976 bought a piece of land on Lookout Mountain where he built his own home. By 1980, a promising job prospect led him to relocate to Louisiana. So he rented out his home and headed to New Orleans. That’s where he met Terri.

By 1982, the two of them had decided to get hitched. But Howard’s family and property were back in Alabama, and Terri’s family and friends were in Louisiana. So the questions they had to answer were: where would they hold their wedding? And more importantly, where would they raise their children?

Putting Down Roots

Although they both enjoyed living in the New Orleans, the choice was clear to them. Returning to Alabama would mean starting their careers over, but it would also be a better place to raise their children and put down roots in a community. It would also mean returning to the land and home for which Howard had worked so hard.

unique wedding photo
After the wedding, at home in front of the fireplace that Howard built. The fireplace is still part of their home.

Faith, Family, and Home

So with a fully-loaded U-Haul, Howard and Terri (and their two children from previous marriages) headed back to the Mentone area to start life together in the same house Howard had built a few years earlier. Now it was time to think about the wedding.

For Howard and Terri, two things were clear. First, they needed a preacher. Second, they wanted to get married on their land. So on a beautiful autumn day on top of Lookout Mountain, a local minister officiated a small ceremony for the two of them and some friends and family. (Actually, this turned out to be a double wedding, but that’s a whole different story!)

Full Circle

Many years, another child, and two grandchildren later, Howard and Terri still live in the same house on the same land as the day they were married.

anniversary wedding photo
Still living in the same house and on the same land where they were married.

So that’s our wedding story!

We love to hear about other weddings, so please feel free to share in the comments. And if you’re looking for a place to hold your reception, please learn more about Little River Venue. Whether your looking for a space to hold your shower, reception, or anniversary party, we’re here to help. Find out more about availability and pricing. 

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