2019 Holiday Party Planning Guide

Labor Day is here, the kids are back in school, and the first day of autumn is just around the corner. That means one thing: it’s time to kick your holiday party planning into high gear.


Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. It’s all about to happen.

Whether you’re in charge of planning a family get-together, a reunion of good friends, or an office party, there are steps you can take to give your guests a grand time (and make things easy on yourself!)

Create a guest list

Once you know who (and how many) you’re inviting, the rest will fall into place. Is this a family gathering? An office party? A reunion of friends? Or something else entirely. Sit down with a pen and paper (and a trusted friend) to make sure you don’t overlook anyone.


Build a budget

Holiday parties are a big deal, but no reason to break the bank. Decide what you want to spend, and whether or not yours is the kind of party to which guests or sponsors should contribute. Identify your resources and expenses: then decide on a budget.

log cabin
The warmth and uniqueness of a log cabin await you.

Decide on your location

Once you know how many people you’ll have you’ll want to think about all the things you need to make them comfortable. Will you need a kitchen space? Wheelchair access? Space for dancing? how many tables and chairs? What about parking?

Hosting your party in your home is a possibility, but space may be an issue. And you may not want a big cleaning project waiting for you when it’s over. Think about other options: you’ll want enough space for everyone to mingle, eat, and unwind. And you want your venue to provide for all your guests’ needs.

element5-digital-431519-unsplash (1)

Plan your atmosphere and theme

This is the fun stuff! Is there a particular theme, beyond the holiday? How do you want to decorate? How will you provide ambiance? What about lighting and music? It’s up to you to decide what will make your party pop! and give your guests an experience that they’ll remember.


Focus on food

Food is the centerpiece of a great party, and there are many ways to provide a great dining experience for your guests. It could be a potluck, fully catered, or a little bit of both. Keep in mind holiday themes, and think about what’s going to be easiest for you and your guests. Consider hosting a potluck in which you provide the main course, and let guests add their own touch by bringing sides and desserts. Bonus tip: Don’t forget to pick up a bunch of take out containers so your guests can enjoy leftovers the next day.

Party Beverages

Food is one thing, but party drinks are something else entirely. Will you provide canned sodas, beer or wine, or homemade punch? Do you need ice? To make it easier on you, allow guests to serve themselves. Self-serve, holiday-themed punches are a great way to deliver the goods, without having to lift a finger.


Send the invitations

There are lots of ways to handle invitations these days. For holiday parties, many still prefer mailed invitations–after all, who doesn’t just love receiving a real, bona fide, fancy invitation in the mail? But emailed invitations are increasingly popular, fun, and more cost effective. Bonus tip: The first step to a perfect party is making sure that everyone there feels special enough to be invited.

Enjoy your party!

You’ve worked hard for this, and there’s no reward quite like seeing your guests have a good time. Besides, you’ll get a reputation for being the person people will call when they need help planning their party.



OK, this is no one’s favorite part of the night, but it’s necessary. Keep your own house clean by hosting your party in an event space.

Next Steps

Little River Venue is the perfect place to host your holiday party. Large enough to accommodate even the biggest groups, but intimate, warm, and inviting. Book your reservation today, and get your party started.

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